Energy update

A little update about the first of months of this year and how I have experienced it so far.
I have been going through many lows already with some pretty amazing highs too. This will continue until we gain balance in ourselves.

“The start of this year has already been one with many energetic shifts and releases of old baggage. Beliefs and trauma’s that are stuck in the physical body are being removed by the high vibration that is entering the energetic field of our body and our planet. The high vibration is literally shaking up dense energy in our physical body. This can be accompanied by physical and emotional pain. A lot of deep sadness is coming up together with other feelings like depression and an overall sense of feeling numb. Many other emotions can come to light without being aware where they come from all of the sudden. Things that you may have never been aware of are now being felt at a very deep level. These trauma’s that have been build up over many years have become a thick wall which has prevented us to feel and experience love.

Of course, we all know what love is and we have many ideas of what love should be but we have never truly experienced unconditional love because the underlying and hidden pain from trauma’s has always been active beneath the surface. Because of these trauma’s we have created beliefs that are supposed to keep us safe and secure. The comfortzone keeps us in one place and has convinced us that change is dangerous.
These beliefs act like a wall of protection and prevent us to fully open our heart to others, to speak our truth, to express ourselves with our talents and gifts, to come out of the spiritual closet, to commit to our dreams and to take bold risks, to fully surrender and have trust in life and in ourselves.
Life has become a dangerous place and we must do what it takes to ensure our survival. All of this is now being reflected in what is going on in our world. Deep and hidden pains are being brought up within the human collective and on a global scale. The fears are being played out in the outer world but they are reflections of the fears we are transmuting within.

The light entering our body does not leave any room anymore for dense energy. Everyone is being awakened from within and either way we are all feeling what is going on whether we understand it or not. The lockdown will only cause more people to go deeper and to feel deeper. Those that need to awaken will do so and some will leave earth to help from the other side. Either way we are all here for the same mission: break the chains and the beliefs from within to feel the freedom and love that we truly have and are inside.

There is a divine plan and the souls that have chosen to be here at this time are doing the necessary work to uncover the love that we exist of. We will all know what it is to truly be in love. Not with one person but with whole of humanity and with life itself. Love does not pick sides and love does not exclude anyone or anything. Love is universal and the power of it is equally available to all.

But first we have to go through the releases and transmutation of the dense energies that are stored within the cells of our body. The memories of our current lifetime and the lives of our ancestors are being wiped clear from our human system. There is a reset happening right now and we are going back to our original blueprint where we know what it means to truly live from the heart.
The painful experiences of the past will be memories that seem like a dream. You will be able to recall the happening but it will feel like it was in another lifetime. As you release the pain you will release the memories of what has happened because you will feel the peace inside. The cellular memory is being restored.

This year we will continue to experience these energetic shifts within our body. Because pain and trauma is stored in our organs and in our bones we might feel physical pain come up in specific places of our body. It is an energetic detox that will come with some side effects.
It can be highly uncomfortable and it can be physically painful yet what we get in return is the best that humanity has ever experienced: Peace, happiness, freedom, joy, abundance and so much more!

Our whole human system is being rebooted and re-connected to a new system that vibrates at the frequency of universal love. This is a process that takes time but with understanding of what is happening we can have the hope and faith that everything is happening according divine will even if it seems like everything is falling apart in our world. It actually is falling apart and it will continue to do so but it is for the higher good and this is a divine plan that will succeed.

You have chosen to be here because you are transmuting the density within the collective consciousness and raising the vibration by allowing yourself to feel like you have never before. Don’t resist the change, don’t fight what you feel, don’t try to run away or fall into negative thoughts of what is happening with you or around you. You are doing everything perfectly as you have planned before you came to earth.

The feelings of pain will end and you will get through it when your body aligns with the higher frequencies. Give yourself the time and the understanding that you are enough and that you are doing more than you can imagine even if there are physically no results that you can perceive at this time.

Energetically you and I are working together on creating a new world with an awareness that exceeds the 3d experience. We are birthing a new world by shifting into our cosmic self.

Remember: you are amazing and you are enough. You came here to shine and that is exactly what you are doing! We got this!”


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