Andromedan wisdom: triggers to step out of the comfortzone

I have had the pleasure to connect with an Andromedan guide of a dear soul brother. The knowledge and wisdom of these light beings are so palpable and shine through the painting I made.
Many light codes and symbols were transmitted that are felt on a subconscious level. I am grateful to be able to share this creation and all of my paintings with you.

Do you want to receive a download of the light and codes yourself then you can by setting the intention to let it come through for you and it will happen.

Thank you to ALL soul sisters and brothers for sharing your unique selves through my creations! You are awesome and I know this for a fact cause I get to connect to your beautiful soul in such an extraordinary way.

This is the message of this Andromedan guide :

Greetings beloved ones, as you walk on the path of expansion and awakening you will start to broaden your views and perspectives. Nothing is one dimensional but there are different sides and stories to what you all go through on earth. Every person has their own unique perspectives that they look through that originates from their personal experiences. They way you look at things and they way you see things are valuable and they are true in your own experience. This does not mean that another person is wrong when they express their own visions and share their opinions. These are lessons for all of you to expand your ways of thinking and to broaden your perspectives.

Some people are here to challenge others into seeing things in a new way, to push them out of their comfortzone and to help them get past beliefs that no longer serve them. In order for people to truly step into their truth sometimes it is necessary to trigger them into a new awareness.
When you are being challenged by others or by happenings in your surrounding see this as an opportunity to step out of limiting beliefs that others are wrong in the way they act, think, feel or express themselves. Use your inner guidance to shift into a new and fresh perspective to see that you have encountered a wise teacher showing you valuable lessons about yourself.

Your strength lies in the nature of your wisdom. When you use this wisdom to look from a place that is free of judgment then you will experience the connection with your soul. You will receive the guidance on how to proceed in any situation that will benefit you and everyone concerning the experience.
You will not act from the trigger but you will act from your soul that knows the story that is being played out. Your soul has no limits and it holds no judgment towards your fellow brothers and sisters here on earth. So when you are able to stay within your own truth you will no longer feel yourself pulled to respond in ways that are not beneficial to you.
You are here to learn about yourself and to create yourself from a place that is the most authentic expression of your highest self.

Beloved ones, know that this is a journey that holds many surprises and that discovering yourself will not end but will change as you continue your life. Celebrate your wins and your discoveries. You are paving the way for many more to come after you.
You are the teachers here on earth with a myriad of talents and gifts waiting to be unwrapped and to be shared with others. Take these wins and victories as they come and enjoy them because they are expressions of your truest self. There is no wrong in any way you choose to experience your life and each person’s unique view is valuable and contributes to your growth as a collective.

Each time you learn about yourself you share this wisdom with the collective consciousness of your soul brothers and sisters. No experience is ever negative or lost, all is important and all serves a higher purpose.

Remember to connect with the wisdom of your soul and to focus on the vibration of your own soul signature to know who you are here on earth. There are many truths in this world but the focus should always be within so you can be at peace and not get lost in the many perspectives of others.
Make your own connection strong and no fear will be able to get through. Know yourself and feel the love of your soul so that you can withstand any storm you encounter.
Challenge yourself to love yourself deeper and see who you are at a soul level.

You are the stars that descended to earth in order to remember the truth about yourself. You are here for the change and the awakening. You are the truth that you are seeking for.”

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