Anchoring your souls essence into your body

This is a higher self painting I have made for a soul sister with a beautiful heart that I am grateful to be able to share with you.

Have you also been feeling how the old is being shed and how the frequency of the whole planet is rising rapidly now? There is little time between the energy upgrades now and all that no longer serves us is going out.

Here is her message:

“Loved ones, you are not only going through ascension but you are anchoring your soul deeper into your body. You are descending to be fully present and aware of what it is to truly have a wholesome experience as a human being. You are connecting to the essence of what human life is truly all about.

As the many portals of light are opening up each time you are integrating your souls essence deeper into your physical body. This on its own is an experience that has a great impact on your life but also on the life of many others. Every time you absorb the light codes and unlock the new coding within yourself more of humanity awakens. This time you came to earth as a collective and you bring healing to the collective heart of humanity and Gaia. As she is rising and allowing herself to be reborn you are feeling the rebirth within yourself. This is a beautiful process of ascension and yet you are all also descending and grounding deeper into the new earth as the frequency rises higher and higher.

Do not be afraid of your physical experiences and the discomforts that these may come with. You are in the process of creation where you will have a much bigger awareness of your true self and of the reason why you are here. Many more are awakening as you are finding your stability and building your foundation guided by the new energies.
Many will fall away from your life because your paths are no longer in alignment. Let them go with love and honor the new path you find yourself in. Do not hold on to the old and to the familiar because you will experience discomfort from trying to hold on.

Trust the new path you are on now and you will see that your soul is guiding you to things that are much greater than you could have ever imagined. You came here to experience miracles and to be a leader. You are not followers and this is why everything around you no longer resonates with what you feel.

Your soul is speaking to you and each day it becomes louder and more clear. Follow your inner voice for it will only get louder and more persistent.Trust your path and dare to say yes to what seems unfamiliar to you.
Change is happening, miracles are occurring and the time is now to let go of everything old and dive in with your souls wisdom into the new.

You are ready for the next step, don’t doubt yourself and keep looking ahead.”

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