The connection to your soul is your true home

This is a Lemurian aspect that I had the honor to create for a soul sister and that has this message for us at this time:

“Dearest ones, now the time has come for you to look deeper. To see deeper and to feel deeper. You have the ability to look beyond what your surroundings show you. The veil is not only thinner but it is see-through for those who are willing to take the steps to go beyond the understanding of the mind. It is the time to put your human logic aside and to start using the wisdom of your heart.

All doors are being pulled open and portals are being placed so that you can reach further than the limitations of the physical world. It is not hard for you anymore to access energies and understandings that come from different timelines and that originate from different planets and galaxies. You have the freedom to access the unlimited wisdom from places all over the universe. Let these familiar frequencies guide you in this time here on earth.

You have come here to bring back the frequencies of home into the human consciousness so that the limitations that have been experienced throughout thousands of years can come to an end.
The loneliness, the longing, the yearning sense that you all exprience as humanity is because you are missing your true home. Home is a frequency that is to be found within your own soul. You have brought home with you from the moment you have been born and it is now time to remember that you exist of the frequency of pure and unconditional love. You do not need to search this within others or to fill this space with a source outside of you. Remember that home is within you and that your own soul is the source that can fill you with happiness, joy, peace, abundance and a multitude of other emotions that you have always wanted to feel.

You are in the midst of expansion and integration of your own pure essence. Your awareness is expanding and with this you will be able to make clear connections to higher frequencies and beings. You will see that you are part of them just as they are part of you. No longer will you feel the seperation even if in appearance you look different. You are all part of each other no matter where you come from.

Clear the limitations between all beings and see that you all exist from the same pureness and energy.”

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