The concept of time is changing into a multi-dimensional experience

An Andromedan twin flame painting that I created for a radiant soul which I may share with you.

Have you been feeling the intense energetic shifts? The frequency of earth is changing and so it is within our body which brings up so many uncomfortable sensations. But change is inevitable and we will get through it!

This is their message:

“Greetings, loved ones. The world is receiving many new frequencies that are going to help you to align with your highest self. The energies that are coming into the energetic field of earth are bringing through codes that will open up and activate light codes within your physical body so that you can feel the wholeness of your soul within the human experience.
These upgrades and changes will continue throughout this year and the changes will be felt even more than ever before. Those that have been doing the healing and the clearing work on themselves will notice how fast it is all going right now.

As the light is coming into your bodies and the change is occurring within your reality your concept of time is going to start to change. You will feel as if the time is running slower or faster, sometimes you will feel like you find yourself in a space / energetic field where there is no time at all. You will frequently start to experience as if you are in a different place / dimension and yet you are physically present on earth. You are expanding and you will be becoming more aware of your multi-dimensional self. You are here yet you are simultaneously having another experience in a different dimension.

As the world is raising and changing its frequency you are becoming more aware of how you can be in different places and dimensions at the same time. Perhaps you have already experienced this and not yet able to fully grasp what is happening. You are all travelers and up until this point you have not yet been fully aware how your soul can be at many places at the same time. We would like for you to become aware that time is an illusion as this was created to have a third dimensional experience. As this experience is changing it is starting to fade away and the existence of different realities will be there for you to see and tune into. You have access to many different timelines and you can observe the many other experiences you are having in other realities. When you experience these jumps into other dimensions stay in an observing place and allow yourself to see it as film that is being played out, do not be scared because this means you are expanding.

There are a myriad of possibilities and experiences created by the universe and your current human one is just one in the many that are available.
Everything you have ever dreamed of or ever wished for already exists in another reality / space / time / dimension / planet and therefore all you have to do is to tap into it and bring into your current reality. Believe that every creation is already a manifestation in another layer of this existence. You are unlimited in your creations and it is all there for you to choose from.

You are the creator of realities and universes, your power is truly limitless.”

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