Financial abundance and subconscious beliefs

A little something I wrote about financial abundance from my experience and observation.

The picture is of Goddess Lakshmi that is there for wealth and beauty. Have you worked with her energy before? 😊

All my life I have struggled with money. Earning money, receiving money, saving money, keeping money. But I have never had problems spending money on things that are needed or giving it to others whom I love.

Money has always been something that was a means to survive or to help me pay the necessary things that we all need in life. My relationship with money has always been messed up. Just as a relationship with another human being we have beliefs and expectations around our relationship with money. This starts at a young age where we are are shown by our parents / family / caretakers what the value of money is. We are taught by their example and their relationship with money and continue this pattern in our own life. If we have experienced a lack of money in our early years, or if we have seen the struggles to earn money by working hard and breaking personal boundaries to achieve financial success or just really living day by day trying to survive with little money then it is easy to continue this unhealthy pattern in our adult life.

Where it comes down to is that money gives us a feeling if security, comfort and protection. When we don’t feel this inside then this will be reflected in our finances (amongst other areas of our life).

Many of us have never been taught that being wealthy is perfectly normal. Being financially abundant is something abnormal in our subconsciousness and we believe we can never achieve it because it’s not in our cards to be so. We were not born in the right family or we don’t get the opportunities to achieve the abundant state we want to be in. It can just seem so far away from us to ever be rich like some are. And sometimes our beliefs tell us that being filthy rich is truly filthy. But where do these beliefs come from? Why is being wealthy dirty and filthy?

These beliefs are so deeply ingrained us that it takes time to undo them. Take a look at your bloodline: was there abundance there or did your ancestors live in poverty? How was the relationship with your parents and money? What did they teach you or show you about money? How did they speak about money?

The feeling of lack of money and security runs in my family bloodline. Struggles and working hard to achieve it have always been very prominent since my childhood.
I am already far more secure and stable than I have ever been before which has already been reflected in many areas of my life.

If you are still struggling with abundance then know that this is something that we are working on as a collective. This is not a personal issue and it isn’t a coincidence you are born in the family you are in. If your struggle has been real it is because you chose for it on a soul level and you will achieve abundance because that is the natural state of your being.
We are all abundant and we didn’t come here to live in lack and poverty. We came to shift and change the old paradigm into a new and higher frequency that we are opening up from within ourselves.

Abundance is REAL and it IS headed your way. You can expect money and material wealth in all areas of your life. Not because you NEED it but because it is a reflection of the wealth that you feel inside.

What is your relationship with money? Does it come easy to you, are you able to receive easily and enjoy it? Or do you have fears around it?

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