The truth about the masculine and feminine

This is a painting created for an amazing soul sister that I am grateful to be able to share with you all. Thank you for allowing me to share this divine energy.
This is the Goddess of Creation with her message.

“There is suffering on earth because deep within there is a yearning to feel and to be ONE within with the divine counterpart. This is not the other half of an energy outside of oneself. It is the energy of oneself that’s forgotten about while people have identified themselves as being a man or a woman because it is how the physical body has been designed. With this identification beliefs have become attachments that have created pain.

From the moment people fall into the illusion of being a certain energy / body with a gender they forget that they are in fact all energies in one. There is no seperation between a man and a woman. This is a made up concept only experienced and believed when on earth. The soul is genderless and exists in oneness. The seperation of the masculine and feminine only exists within an illusion. The masculine and feminine do not exist outside of themselves.

They do not exist separately, they are one in energy and therefore it is not an energy to reach or find but it is an awareness to accomplish. The awareness is that you are already one and all the healing you are doing is to help you shed the illusion of division.

The healing of the belief of seperation is the healing of all wounds of the past. You are not becoming whole, you are becoming aware of the truth of your soul that you already are whole and have always been. You have always been the masculine and the feminine.

You have always been in a divine marriage within yourself and in these times on earth you are recalling what you have always known. Nothing can ever separate you from your own masculine and feminine because you are BOTH. There is nothing that can keep you away from your beloved divine counterpart because you are them and they are you.

Seperation does not exist in your soul or in your heart.
Recall the divine love within your heart, you are both and therefore nothing can ever tear you apart.”

The song in the video is from Mei-Lan Maurits:

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