You are your own creation

I have created this painting for the light and dark promotion for a beautiful soul that I may share publicly with a message.
Much love to this sister for sharing this energy and wisdom.

The message of this light being is something that I can relate to as this journey of life is all about growth and expansion. It is breaking free from limitations and removing any masks or armors that keep us from being in our powerful self. These layers of beliefs need to go for us to no longer be afraid.

Are you still wearing a mask as protection? Tune into the energy of this painting and allow for the frequency that you need right now to come through to help you release any illusions and false protection.

Enjoy her message:

“As a human being you have so many different facets to your personality. There are many creations and versions of yourself. But often time you are choosing to be te same ones because you have been taught to follow rules and to comply to expectations of others. You are born into a world and society that has expectations of you where you need to reach goals to be successful, feel valued and accepted so you mold yourself into a version that only contains and sparkle of the true you.
You see, you are not just a sparkle, you are a pilar of light. In fact you are portals which allows the divine to pour through and bring light to the whole world. You are ALL portals of light and it is now the time for you to stop trying to fit into other people’s perceptions and reality and BE the divine pilars of the brightest and truest light that earth has ever seen.
Stop walking in your own shadows and following outdated rules to be the dimmed down versions of yourself. Do not get frightened of what others are showing you about themselves as they too will awaken to their own truest self in divine timing.

You are the examples and the wayshowers that the world needs right now. You are breaking free from the stigmas and the outdated systems of the 3d world. The construction that once was is falling apart because you are breaking it from within yourself.

Now, I would like for you to break it some more, I would like for you to see yourself as the brightest light that exists on this planet. Break free from the limitations of the mind and the identity that you were born with. Create a new perception of yourself and choose to be the divine creation that you truly are. You are not here to obey and to follow. You are here to break free from the chains that have kept you captive in your own mind.

Many are walking with beliefs of who they are but you are walking with the understanding that who you are is a constant creation of your highest self. Choose to see yourself as a creator of yourself and see the multitude of possibilities on who you want to be. You have a choice and the more you realize this the more versions of yourself you will become aware of. You are not limited to being the physical person that you are right now, you are FREE to be one of the many creations of your truest self. Your highest self is the most creative power that exists so become aware that you are the artist of your own life.

Create, play, become aware of your own colors and dare to explore the depth of who you really are. See what your soul has to offer to you and BE FREE to be the real you.”

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