There is power in numbers

Now more than ever it is important to follow and engage with people that inspire and uplift us. The mainstream media is feeding people with fearful and negative news which puts many into a lower frequency.
You can feel hopeless, depressed, despaired, negative and overall you might be feeling overwhelmed with all of what you are seeing. It is meant to make you feel disempowered and alone because this way it is easy to be controlled. When your mind is fed with fear your spirit will feel heavy. But fear is an illusion and only has control over you if you believe it.

Over the past weeks I have become aware with how many people we really are that are no longer believing in the negative stories and lies that are being spread throughout all kind of channels. Though I have always known this because Spirit tells me over and over again that everything is going to work out and that we are not alone in any of it. Not in an energetic way but now I have noticed it in the physical reality too.
It is so empowering to see that there are many who are becoming aware of the deception that is occurring in our society. One of of reasons that the global situation seems to be getting worse is to awaken more people to the truth. It is going to become so ridiculous that even those that used to believe it will start to question things.
People are turning inward for questions and seeking for those that can help them with uncovering the truth. They no longer want to follow and be treated like mindless sheep. People are not meant to follow and buy into the illusion of being safe and secure by a source outside of themselves. Humanity has been made dependent and obedient to laws that were invented to keep them oppressed so that they could be used for those that want more power and money.
These times are coming to an end. The enslavement and entrapment of the mind is becoming so apparent that going inward is the only way to break free from these fears.

The awareness that freedom and peace lie within is what is shifting the whole collective energy. People are breaking the chains from within themselves because they have been forced to stop and re-evaluate. The situation in our world is blessing in disguise and it will continue until there are enough people that will see the truth. The truth is about themselves and how we all have the power to make a change for the better. What we want to see happen outside of us is already shifting within us.

The shift to a better world is one that can only happen when we align to a higher awareness all together and I feel blessed to see that there are so many that are waking up at this point. Though it seems chaotic and quite unclear I do see people joining and holding hands. We are standing together and understanding that it is in unity that we can create a change.

There is nobody that has control over us if we remember that control is just an illusion that can only be played out if we believe in it. I choose not to believe in illusions and in fears. Instead I choose to feel love and peace knowing that this is an inherent part of who I am. I am free and so are you. If there is anything that is hold you back from speaking your mind, being happy, joyus and having faith then know that you have the chose to believe otherwise. Not a single person on earth can decide for you how you think, act and feel. This is all up to you because you are FREE. And very important for all of you to know is that you are NOT alone. We are great in numbers and we are joining more and more in the physical. Friendships are forming, like minded people are connecting, we are coming in alignment to support each other through all these changes. No matter how many times we are forced to stay at home and disconnect in the physical our connection is growing by the day. People are creative and there are solutions to everything.
Remember that we are in this together and that there is no greater power than love.

Thank you for reading and being part of the team. ❤

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