Pureness and joy

Hey everyone! Meet Maeve, she is the next elf in line waiting to meet you.What does she feel like for you? Maybe she has a message for you too. 😉

She is a skilled archer and knows how to make the most out of the things in her surroundings. She has a sharp mind and has the vision of a hawk. She loves to be in nature and she admires the magic of how everything is created. She can see the connections between everything that is alive and finds pleasure in sharing her discoveries of magic with others.

She enjoys spending time with children and share her adventures with them. She is a great story teller and speaks to the imagination of people’s minds. She has the ability to help people open their heart to their inner child self so that they can see through the eyes of innocense.

Her power is to help people re-connect to their inner joy, magic and pureness. If you want to connect with your own inner joy to start living in wonder and be in the pureness of your child self she can help you tap into it.

Here is her message: “Oh, how I am so pleased to meet with you! I am so grateful to see you all and to connect in such an extraordinary way. Humanity has come a long way from when it once started. You have got to see the progress that you are making because it is very fast paced.

There are so many of you and yet the changes are happening at a much higher level. Don’t lose the wonder of life and don’t focus too much on what you need to be doing but rather find yourself enjoying the moment you are in right now.

Life happens one moment and at a time and if you are not careful your mind will take you to places that are grim and that don’t even exist in the moment you find yourself in.

People are too much in their minds and live in “what ifs”. What if this happens, what if that happens, I should do this.. or I should do that. Always questioning and anticipating the next step on what to do or where to go. But you don’t need to go anywhere to be somewhere.

You have got to start cherishing this moment as if it is the last one you will experience. Start to wonder what it would feel like if you suddenly got a huge surprise today. What thoughts and feelings arise when somebody you love gives you the day of your life? Can you simply imagine all the wondrous things that could potentially occur today? Anything that is out of this world has the potential to fall in your lap in this instant. Yes, this is possible! This is something that happens when you discover the potential of life. It is full with all kinds of surprises. GOOD surprises.

So, go on today and think only the best is possible. Ban negativity and worse case scenarios from your mind and start living from your inner child self. That pureness is there, the goodness, the juice of life. It’s all in YOU! You believe and therefore you create. 

Start playing with your inner child and you will call in the gifts of the universe!

Thank you for connecting with me. I look forward to seeing you soon! (Winks)”

If you want your own personal Elf sketch it is still available for €100.

You can contact me for your order. I will email you all the details.

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