Listen to the wisdom of your body

This is a sketch I have created for a beautiful soul that I may share with you all.

As always there is a message for the collective from each elf that also comes through.
All these elves have their own talents and wisdom. They gladly share them with others as they know we can all use some assistance.

If you can relate to this elf then this message is for you. There is a healer in all of us and this is your reminder.

Listen to your intuition and your senses. What do you receive from her? Even if it is subtle it is still a message. Trust yourself and your senses.

This elf is gentle, soft, nurturing, compassionate, romantic, sensitive and very in tune with her emotions. Because of this she is able to sense other people’s feelings around them and easily understand what they are going through. She is an empath with emotions being one of her strongest gifts. She can even sense the emotions / energies of the trees and plants. She is connected so deeply that she is able to give healing to others just by the depth of her awareness of what she feels within her and all around her.

“Now more than ever is the time to listen to your needs and to what your body is trying to tell you. For so long you have been taught that everything is external while all that you need is already inside. You will feel the urge to do things you have ingnored in the past, you will notice how you are changing the way you think and how you look at things. And this is all because of the growth that you have been going through.

At this time it is important to listen harder to what you are feeling inside. Your body is communicating with you and when you listen you will find your connection. You are not only connecting to your soul but you are also learning how to communicate with yourself. Your physical body has wisdom too: your cells communicate with you. They let you know what is in disbalance and what needs to be done to be healthy again. Start listening to the messages your feelings and your cells are giving you. It is the way of the body to communicate and all you need to do is learn how to understand what they are trying to tell you.

Today listen to yourself, really LISTEN. What do you feel? What do you not feel? Learn to talk to yourself in a loving way and your body will respond to it.

This is the path to healing yourself and to become a healer for others.”

Interested in an elven sketch of your own?
The offer is still up for €100.
Payment via PayPal. Delivery within 14 days by e-mail.

Connect with me by sending me an email to order your sketch.

Looking forward to connecting with your elf!

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