Creation is meant to serve YOU

Hey all! Here I am with another recent creation.This is a higher self painting created for a soul sister.

As always it contains light codes and a message on an energetic level that is beyond what the eyes can perceive. Although I am sure if you look into her eyes you will be able to see / feel / hear her message as it is meant for you to receive. 😉

Much gratitude for this beautiful soul for connecting with me and sharing this specific frequency with all of us.

This higher self came through with a high comic frequency that contains codes to bring peace, love, trust, magic, abundance, manifestation, creation and creativity.

What message do you get from her? Tune into your heart and let her speak to your soul.

Here is her message:

“Dearest ones, I am here to remind you that you do not need to push or to go against the flow to reach what you want to see happen. Many of you believe that in order to live a fulfilled life and to live your purpose you need to be on the move.

Today I want to tell you that the best way to serve your purpose is to stop and to admire the stars above in the sky. The stars purpose is to shine and it will not do anything else but what it is created to do. It does not force itself to shine and it does not force itself to be seen so that others can admire it.
You are that stars in the sky. So why not stop for a minute and understand that you are already serving your purpose by simply being who you are right now. You shine no matter what you do or where you go. Your light shines through whether you push or whether you stand still.
Standing still means you are accepting the present and your presence as it is. Let the world turn around you and let your creations come to you instead of you making yourself move towards it.
Focus on your bright light. Acknowledge it, realize you already are admired daily by the universe for your existence is the most valuable thing there is.

Don’t push to be somewhere, don’t focus on what you still need to achieve and do. But breathe, just breathe in your own stars essence and know that you are here to simply shine as you already are. Release the pressure you feel inside and let your manifestions come to you: effortlessly and naturally for all creation is meant to serve YOU.”

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