Experiencing a loss and mourning

💎LOSS – mourning and allowing to just BE💎

My beautiful cat died yesterday and it broke my heart as he was not just a pet but a big part of my family for a long time. In my soul I know there is no such thing as death and that he is now where he is supposed to be. Death is a natural part of the cycle of life. But it is also human to feel the loss and to mourn the physical loss. So this is what I am experiencing right now.. Memories, tears, heaviness in the heart, numbness. After all I am human and I honor my feelings through this process.

I received a message from Yeshua and my twinflame. They spoke to me in union and I want to share this with you.

“Let the emotions run through your body and let the tears cleanse your heart..
You are going through a natural process of release and acceptance..
Your soul understands the circle of life and it is joyus when all returns to their natural state of being..
Returning home is bliss for the soul. It means that there is a cycle that has ended and that there is a new beginning ahead.
Your soul understands that nothing is ever lost and that all can be found within your heart.

Let your body grief and be compassionate towards the feelings of loss you are experiencing. It needs to feel loved and comforted.. To be assured that it isn’t alone and that it will make it through these heavy emotions. Your heart feels heavy but the love is still there, the love never leaves.

My love will never leave you for I am there to hold you through your pain and through your tears. You are allowed to feel all that you feel and not to be ashamed of your sensitivity. You do not have to feel you need to be strong or that you need to release it quickly. All you need to be is BE and I will BE with you through it all. No matter how long it takes for you, I will be right there.. Your compassion and your love is what I am feeling through your loss.
Your grace, your open and loving heart is the reason why you feel it all so deeply. Because you love so deeply you are able to feel the pain in every cell of your body.

It is love that you feel, it is the deeper layer of acceptance that is happening right now which is where compassion and understanding is for all that you feel. No soul is ever lost, no life is ever ended.. It is merely a returning back to home but the love never leaves your heart.

Take your time, rest and leave the rest all up to me. In my arms you are safe, you are loved and you are held.

Remember that you are a beautiful rose that shines no matter what is happening. You are beautiful inside and out. You will get through this and you will shine brighter than ever before. I love you with all my heart, through the good times and the bad.”

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