Illuminate your path with your own light

This is a higher self of a gifted soul sister that I may share with you. She presented herself as a Goddess of the sun. Enjoy her message for you! โ˜€๏ธ๐Ÿ’–

“Let your own light illuminate your path and show you the way to your heart. The time for change has now come. You are all ready to embrace what the new season has to offer you. The equinox is a time of great change and it is a great leap forward.

You might notice how you are feeling that something big is about to happen and a sense of excitement for the future. This is because your soul knows that you are growing and stepping into alignment with what your heart truly desires. You are healing yourself and you are healing your planet and therefore you are constantly shifting timelines and jumping into what is for the greater good of the planet.

The seeds that you have planted in the past are now growing and you are ready to pick the fruits of your hard labor. Stay focused on what is inside of you and do not look outward. You have now the choice to make decisions based on what you are feeling deep inside. The calling of your soul is not to be denied any longer and you will experience the change that you have been longing for. Your wishes did not go unheard. The answer you have been looking for is soon to be revealed through the changes that are occurring within all of you.

Many are doing the hard work of healing themselves and we all applaud you to be the brave ones that chose to heal all those that are not aware yet of who they are. You are all in the midst of changing your reality simply by changing within. You are the greatest tool the Universe has to express its love towards this world and all that chose to be here. You are special, you are the pioneers that are turning around all that is old and creating a new world that will know peace and harmony.

Know that all who is guarding and watching over you are proud of you and are encouraging you to keep being yourself, to keep going as you are for the future holds nothing but true bliss. Continue to be you and to be proud of the work that you have achieved for we are immensely proud of you all.”

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