Last day of the promotion on ALL drawings + healing your heart sessions coming soon!

🌟Today is the LAST day of the promotion on ALL drawings: €66 instead €75!🌟

❗Don’t miss on this opportunity if you have been wanting to get your own soul portrait.
I will still be doing drawings but no more discounts as I will be focusing on teaching how to heal the heart.

🔥Starting in October I will be doing sessions / teachings on how to clear blockages and going deeper into the heart so you will able to tap into your intuitive talents and learn how to work with the power of your own heart which is pure Source energy.

💚Everything you are looking for in life starts in your heart for this is your foundation. In order to be able to tap into your own Source you have to become aware of what trauma’s, karma, emotional blockages that are holding you back from using your divine talents. This includes your family bloodline, old DNA programming and past lives.

➡️I will provide you the tools and the guidance to dive into your inner world and help you release and change all that is standing in the way for owning your power.
➡️Unseen and unaddressed emotions will want you to hide and cause you anxiety. Becoming aware of every aspect of yourself will help you to release and integrate the necessary aspects from within.
➡️The goal is to empower you so that you will become aware of your own abilities and to guide through this process so that you will know how to use the power of your heart to manifest and to be able to BE YOU without any fears. Shadow and light must be brought into balance to be able to manifest the life that you dream of.

❓Do you feel stuck / blocked? Do you have a hard time figuring out what you really feel and why you are not able to move forward even if you want to?

🔥🔥Are you ready and willing to dive into your heart and working on bringing balance within so that you can thrive?

Message me your email and I will let you know how all of this works!

❗Video’s coming soon on tips and explaination of energy that we all have within us

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