Step into the power of your sexuality by a Lyran being

This is a Lyran aspect of a soul sister that I am allowed to share with you. She is tall and her presence is one that will turn heads. Enjoy her message for you! ❤️

“Beloved ones, you are stepping out of the roles of the old feminine that was not able to be fully herself. She was made to be just one of the many aspects that she has within. Forced to be the smaller version of herself and to take on a role that did not reflect the being that she really is.
You have all played roles like a character in a play. The jealous wife, the slave, the submissive wife, the mistress.. And many more that you are no longer today. No longer do you have to be submissive to the lower frequencies of the past. The role playing of the obedient servant of others is now one that belongs to the past.

Your DNA coding is being changed into new light codes where you will be able to fully use your feminine power and sexuality as an equal and balanced energy. No more using and abusing of this powerful creative force that has happened in the past.
Step into your sexuality and sensuality without any fear of the conquences. Do not let the memory and the fear of the past influence you in the present. You will thrive once you know how powerful you are when you use sexuality as the true Source energy that it was always meant to be.

Step into this energy and claim it as your own: you have nothing to fear for it is your true essence. Every cell in your body is alive because of this power, you ARE that power. Remember what you are made of, remember that you are a walking and breathing representation of Source and that you no longer need to hide your power and essence.

You ARE Source. Claim it, own it for you have this right.”

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