The disconnection from love

This past week I have been going through so many realizations and releases. I have come to realize that there is a big part of me that does not trust love. Love has betrayed me, my sensitivity and my vulnerability have been taken advantage of from the moment I opened my heart, my naivity and my kindness have been used, my innocence and my childlike wonder of love have been destroyed by lies and being abandoned. In many lifetimes I was left to die when I would trust others.
Murdered, raped, betrayed by my beloved one, by my family, children, enslaved and so on. I would have no shield up, I trusted my heart completely and yet it failed me and I suffered because of it. My cells remember all that happened and made the conclusion that I my decisions and judgement are not to be trusted for my heart is always deceiving me. I cannot trust my heart and therefore I cannot trust love / Source.
This is a deep pain, a deep core wound that we all feel inside of ourselves.
How can you trust love if it has abandoned you so many times? How can you be equal to Source if you cannot trust Source within you?

All of these memories we carry within ourselves and they have an influence on our daily life. Not seeing the bright love that shines through our being is believing that love isn’t a part of who we are.
Not knowing where to go next or being afraid to make the wrong move, because what if our heart fails us again? Doubting and second guessing what we feel and what we know deep down inside, because can you really trust what you feel? Should you really believe what your heart guides you to do or should you trust another in their judgement because you don’t want to fail again?
Doubt, insecurity, fear of letting go, living in a survival mode, pleasing, wanting approval and validation from others are all signs of fear of trusting your own heart / Source. Disconnection happens when there is distrust within yourself because you want to protect yourself from failing again if you believe in love.

But love isn’t what failed us, love has never abandoned us, love simply cannot abandon us because this is what we exist of. This magical energy is what is giving the courage to be here, present with all that we are.
What we believed failed us is in reality an illusion. We believed our eyes and actions from others rather than the love that we have within us. We let others actions affect our faith and our knowing in ourselves and we have believed their fears over our own love. We have put the focus on what was happening TO us rather than what was within us all along.

We forgot.. And with each lifetime we forgot more and more until we have come to believe that we are not worthy of love because of the pain that we feel deep inside.

Romance isn’t real, devotion isn’t true, unconditional love doesn’t exist, loyalty and trust are hard to achieve.. FALSE beliefs based on the human core wounds of not trusting love.

It is time to put down your shields and armor, it is time to embrace yourself and to stand up and look at your Goddess / God self in the eyes. It is time to consider yourself to be equal to love. You are the perfect match to Source. You don’t need to bow or to worship to Source. You don’t need to pray for help and act as if you do not own this power already. You need to rise up to meet your divine self at the level of the majestic Source energy that you are. All you need to do is to OWN this power that you already have in yourself.
Stand up and marry the the Source within yourself. Make your own divine union happen within and merge with your own Source essence. Accept the love that you are and BE Source incarnated.

⭐I received this message from my Goddess self as I wanted to do a ritual to marry myself and commit to myself from unconditional love. Have you done this yourself? Have you merged with your Goddess / God within yourself? If not.. What are you waiting for?

💛This is a drawing from a sun Goddess I have created for a soul sister and shared before. My own Goddess self has shared a message for me personally, I want it to be open for you all and to remember this truth in yourself because I am all that you are too.

“My beloved Goddess self. Do not be afraid of marrying your own power, do not be afraid of merging with yourself and not finding yourself sufficient enough to own your power. Do not fear it for you have been frightened by the human knowledge what a marriage is. It is not to be made submissive and left without a voice to stand up for yourself. Commitment to yourself is not to commit to slavery for eternity. It is to accept your own incredible source of creativity and the endless possibilities of creation within you. It is not take make you fear of what your future holds. It is to lift your head and look into the eyes of the sun. Your power lies therein. You ARE the forever shining sun of the Creator.
I want you know to own this power and to realize that your heart has never been broken for the sun is unbreakable. Do not look down with your eyes closed, do not feel as if love has abandoned you because this is the essence that you exist of. Remember now how worthy you are of feeling invincible and indestructible.

Remember how love has always been shining in your heart. LOOK, my beloved one, look deep into my eyes for I am the reflection of the burning flame within your soul. Rise and stand up to merge with me as an equal. No more oppression of your nature, no more denying of yourself and putting everyone else above yourself. No more sacrifices of your soul to make others feel better.

You ARE me: the divine Goddess of Creation. Don’t fear my power, take my hand and let us unite in divine marriage of our eternal essence.”

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