Merging your humanness with the divinity of your soul.

This is a painting of my High Priestess aspect that I want to share with you all. She can help you with activating and remembering your own Divine Feminine priestess aspect. We all have this divine feminine power within us, it’s just a matter of remembering and feeling it again. Enjoy her message. ❤️

“Beloved ones, you are all reaching to the deepest levels of your soul. You have never yet been able to dive as deep and to feel as deep as you have now. You are moving past the shallow waters and therefore you are experiencing so much more on an emotional and spiritual level. Your transformation can only occur when you can be in total honesty and openness about who you are as a human and divine being.

You are in the midst of the process of merging your humanness with the divinity of your soul and this can cause you to feel conflicted and confused for you have always thought yourself to be simply a mortal being with little qualities. Now you may feel joy and at the same time you may you feel sadness and deep grief. As you are merging with the divine light of your soul and you are simultaneously feeling the negative and positive aspects of all who you are and who you have ever been.
This is how you are healing timelines and restoring the balance in all that has ever happened on earth and on other planets.

Healing your emotions means you are healing yourself in every role you have ever played in this universe. Past, present, future are all happening right now and change is occurring within all timelines. The clearing and healing that you are doing on earth has an influence on the whole universe. This is why there is so much assistance from your galactic family and from your own past and future aspects. All is being brought back to harmony.

As timelines are merging you are gathering and activating soul pieces of yourself daily now. Powerful activations from your higher aspects and assistance on healing your heart are happening on every level of your being. Do not worry or fear of what you feel for you are becoming whole in every sense of the word. You have never been anything less than this. Now you will not only know this truth in words, but you will be able to embody and feel this wholeness within yourself. When this happens you are an unstoppable force of divine power.

This is what your transformation is about and this is what you are becoming: a true divine, unstoppable force of love within your human experience on earth.”

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