A message from the rainbow dragon

This is a rainbow dragon created for a soul brother that I may share with you. Rainbow dragons have an amazing energy and their energy is very fluid and flowy. They are shining and sparkling and are excellent to transmute energies and help to shift into a higher vibration. Enjoy her message!

“Beloved ones, it is now time to transcend the limited beliefs and thoughts about your reality. As all is shifting and moving up into a higher vibration things that are vibrating at a slower pace will start to fall apart. The old must fall in order for the new vibration of the sublime colors of the rainbow to take place.

Your world is experiencing what seems to be loss and desperation. Do not participate in the game of fear for it is not real. Fear can only exist if you allow yourself to lower your frequency and to believe what your eyes are seeing. In the midst of chaos and darkness close your eyes and take a deep breath in to absorb the rainbow colors of the diamond frequency. It is within you, it is all around you, you merely have to choose to believe it and to let yourself feel it. Feel this power and believe that you exist of pure light. This then can be manifested into your reality so that the density can be cleared. You are all transmuting energy into light by simply believing in the power of light that you hold within yourself. You are given the ability to choose what you feel and what you experience. You can choose to experience the highest version possible by standing firmly in your belief that the higher frequency is always present within you even when your reality says otherwise.

Many will try to convince you to believe the opposite and try to pull you into chaos that they are experiencing within themselves, but remember the truth. Remember the power of the rainbow dragon within you to transmute fears into magnificent colors of unconditional love. Hate will be turned into love, anger into peace, jealousy into compassion.
All that you want to change you can by doing so with the power of change that you hold within yourself.

More will come, you will now experience more challenges to stand in your light without being held back by fear. You are the carriers of light, you know the truth, let this knowledge be your strength and courage in the time when the world and others need it. You are being asked to step up now and recognize your own powerful colors.
You are the ones that can turn darkness into light, you are the rainbow warriors.”


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