Use your anger for passion

Lilith has showed up today with her amazing, fiery energy while I was talking to my friend about injustice. Lilith is allergic to injustice and she decided to share her views on it. Enjoy her fiery message! 💥
The image is not mine but it represents her pretty well!

“Beloved ones, do not be afraid to feel your deepest emotions. Do not push away the anger, fear, jealousy, envy and hate that you are feeling inside. These are hidden treasures for it is when you dare to fully acknowledge the existence of these feelings deep within that you can transform them into the fire of creation.

You cannot have true passion for life and for existence if you deny the darkest parts of yourself. You can only rise from the depth of your soul if you dare to feel what many others consider to be wrong, bad or even sinful. What you are now seeing in your world is a rise up from hidden emotions within all of you.
Those oppressed feelings of anger in many are coming out to be heard and seen. People are realizing that what is done unto them and the lies that are told have been enough.

You are awakening as a collective and therefore you will see many fiery actions and responses from those that see and feel injustice done upon them or upon others. Many are breaking the silence and speaking up from the fire that has been oppressed within them and so it comes out as a volcano.
Yes, this can be destructive but the only way to start anew is to destroy the old. The foundation of beliefs that you have been taught to swollow is being destroyed from the bottom up. So use this fire within yourself to rebuild a new home for yourself where you can all live in oneness. Do not be consumed by this fire and do not use it against others but instead use this fire to burn your old beliefs and create from a place of passion. Because your passion for life and earth is what will help you to stand up for what you believe in.

Are you ready to stand up and call in your divine flame of passion and creation?
Hear me, feel me, create with me and we will build a new home together.”

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