Freedom lies within unity

A Pleiadian higher self of a powerful and beautiful soul sister. She holds both elements within her essence: fire and water in perfect balance. Strong connections to Atlantis and crystals. Enjoy her message:

“Greetings to all who are doing the work of coming into balance. You have chosen to come to earth to bring balance and harmony into existence and so you are in the process of merging with your own essence. You are bringing all elements together again and gathering fractals from other lifetimes and dimensions to complete your existence here.

Every part that has been living in seperation within you is now being brought together and made whole within your body. There is no longer room within your heart to feel pain and live in seperation. All the pain that you are now feeling and going through is to be released so that you can live in wholeness. Your current painful experiences in your life are a reflection of what is now needing to be released once and for all. Do not be afraid to part with that which you have once known to be true and welcome the change that is occurring within you.
Remember that you came to bring change and this can only happen when you allow yourself to let go of what you have once known. All is in constant change and to move forward you must all choose to not look to the past but trust what is ahead of you. Trust that your soul knows what is yet to come and what is best for you.
The unknown is not to be feared but to be welcomed with open arms for you are the leaders of the future. You are the creators of the new earth and together you are changing the vibration of this planet. You did not come here by yourself, next to your cosmic support you are also receiving help from your fellow brothers and sisters who joined you in this adventure of the change of your planet. Look around you and see that you are not alone.

You are finding your voice again, you are daring to speak up now and show yourself. This is what is going to change the planet for your strength is when you unite and truly become ONE. You are unstoppable when you are together for fear has nothing against the power of the oneness within humanity.
Join hands, join your energies, align with your heart and you will see that your freedom lies within your unity. This is happening right now and this will continue to happen even if the world looks to be in seperation.
The truth is that you are coming together and joining forces. Nobody can split and get lost for you have each other.

Believe in yourself, believe in the change, believe in your union for you are ALL expressions of the same creation. When you can see this all illusions will dissappear and you will be free.
Freedom is within you, freedom is within your the power of your unity.”

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