The wisdom of the dragons

I had the honor to create this painting for a soul brother. These are two dragons merging into one. Always connected to the higher realms yet fully present and grounded in Gaia.
We all have connections to the dragons because they have existed since the beginning of time. They are strongly present on earth at this time helping Gaia and humanity awaken. Dragons are powerful beings and are always there to help when asked.
Have you connected to your dragon yet?

This is their message!

“To make your dreams come true and to manifest what you want in life you must tap into your source energy. This is to be found within you for all life force comes through your heart. All timelines are accecible for you and there are more than you can count. Everything you have ever dreamed of already exists within you. All you have to do is to focus and align with this creation in yourself to make it come true in the physical realm. Feel it because it already exists. There is nothing that is too big for you to dream of and for you to reach to. Reach for the stars because right now all doors are open for you to receive it easily when you feel it and believe it.

Now that earth is undergoing a transformation the vibration is rising within your planet which gives you more opportunities and faster manifestations. Don’t be discouraged with what you see on the news and the media. It is part of the world that is too going through a transformation. All that needs to fall apart will show resistance before it can go. Much of this is shown in your world right now but leave your worries behind because the old structures are falling apart. It is now only a matter of time before the new awareness will awaken within humanity to match the frequency that is now coming into earth.

More of this light will touch the hearts of people and because of this more will awaken to the power of love. You came to earth with many and they are awakening right now. This year will be a year of transformation for humanity. Things will seem upside down before they will fall into place once the time is ready. While this is happening you are becoming stronger and more grounded in your truth each day. You are the ones that will help others to find their strength and their own truth. So even when things are falling apart around you know that you are firmly rooted in Gaia and in the wisdom of your own soul. You are the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. You are all the colors that exist in the Universe. You are Source within every creation you have ever existed and within every creation you are yet to be.

Don’t forget all your connections and with the power you came here to. Each of you carry the dragon wisdom within you.
Like we have said: you did not come alone and you will soon see the support that you all have in this physical plane.”

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