NEW Offer: your soul essence colors

!!NEW Limited OFFER!!

A personal Soul Essence watercolor painting / reading.
OR A Twin Flame essence watercolor painting / reading.

Each painting is €111: only 3 spots available for each painting

This offer is all about discovering your own unique soul essence colors through the painting that I will create with watercolors.

I will be connecting with your higher self and painting the colors that come through.
These colors will represent your soul essence but may also show other energies that you need to become aware of.

This is a unique offer and it will help you to become aware of own inner light so that you can awaken more to your true potential and authenticity. It is by becoming aware of who you are inside that you can begin to stand firmly in your own light. This painting and reading will help you to shift your awareness and to see more layers of your multi-dimensional self.

Twin flame essence water color painting.
Would you like to see the colors of your twin flame energy?
What does your masculine or feminine energy look like, are they in balance?
What message is there for you to hear?
In this painting you will receive an visual of the colors of your twin flame energy with a channeled message. There will be guidance / advice coming through so you can be in the twin flame union within.

What wil you receive?
You will receive a video recording of the process of creating your personal painting. You will also receive an energy reading and channeled message.

Are you interested in seeing your soul or twin flame essence colors and receiving the message you need to hear at this time?

Delivery will be in approximately 30 days, only by e-mail (the original will not be sent by mail). Payment via Transferwise or PayPal.

Requirement: a picture where I can see your eyes and an open mind and heart.

Connect with me through the form below to order your painting!

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