The dual nature of human existence

Being in this physical world we are given the choice to experience all facets of human life. This includes having hardships and all kinds of challenges throughout life. Earth is a creation where every living being has the opportunity to learn and grow from their own personal choices, whether they are good or “bad”.

We are given choices daily on how we want to be, how we want to act, to think and to express ourselves. From the moment our soul has chosen to come to earth and is born into the physical 3d reality we experience duality. We have day and night, the sun and the moon, happiness and sadness, light and dark, yes and no, up and down, dry and wet.. our world is a world of opposites. It goes from one side all the way to the other side. And every soul that is on this planet has the free choice to choose which color of the spectrum they want to walk in.

There is no judgement and it is not a sin to explore the darker shades of life. Earth is one of the few planets where this is possible and there is a purpose as to why some choose to walk the darker path of life. Yet there is and has always been a higher purpose for experiences like that. People make choices based on their awareness and on what their soul has chosen to experience from a higher perspective. Those that are currently walking in darkness are doing so that others can awaken to their innate truth. They have chosen to play a role so that those around them will be awakened to their own light. But before this light can be fully seen and embodied the darkness that has been hidden deep inside must come to surface. What better way is there than for our soul brothers and sisters help us become aware of our own inner demons? What more beautiful task is there than to offer help by choosing to play the role of the bad guy to help others awaken to their light?

Each and every soul that is currently on this planet is one of the most brightest lights of the universe. Some of these lights have chosen to forget how they shine and embody the darker colors of this reality. If you are reading this then you are one of the ones that remembers your light and have done the necessary inner work to embody this. But there are those that will never awaken to this truth because they have not chosen to do in this lifetime.
They have chosen to help humanity awaken by playing the role of darkness so well that they will never remember their light while they are in a physical body.
Do not underestimate the choice they have made as walking in darkness is by no means a task that is easy. Not remembering your divinity and your light is pure agony. It is painful in the core of the body yet their soul has chosen to serve humankind in a different way than you have. But ultimately you are all serving the same purpose. You all have the same light, your origin and roots are from the same Source. Duality has to become so absurdly apparent that it will trigger people into awareness. And there are many people awakening to their own light and purity just because this darkness is no longer hidden. It is now all out in the open and it will even become bigger and more clear so that you and all others like you can become aware of the beautiful and divine light that you are. From the moment that we become aware of our own divinity we will shift as a collective into a higher state of consciousness. This is already happening and it will continue to happen as we no longer will run from our own shadows.

Message from this aspect of the divine feminine / Lilith:

“I may seem dark and scary to you. My eyes and my appearance may frighten you but when you look deeper than you are used to you will see me for who I truly I am.
I will let you be the judge of what you see in me for I am nothing but a reflection of you.

Do not judge me for you will judge yourself.
Do not reject me for you will reject yourself. Remove the veil from your eyes and look with your soul to see the true beauty within yourself.”

Just to make clear: no painting I make is ever evil or contains any negative frequency or coding. No judgement is needed and negative comments are unnecessary. If you don’t align with what I post then simply unfollow.
If you do, then I hope you enjoy the work that I do!

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