Energy update: February

This is written late at night, I hope it makes sense. 😉

I am in hermit mode at the moment but I do feel like sharing this with you. I hope this helps if you have been feeling like me. February is a rough ride!

We continue to feel a culmination of energies within the collective energy field. As the high vibrational energies are coming in we are all feeling it on some level. Some people are more sensitive and aware to them while others go through the symptoms thinking they are suddenly hit with random illnesses or heavy emotions. Either way we all are experiencing the effects of these light frequencies that are intended for us to open up deeper so we can integrate and embody our own soul frequency which in its turn helps to raise awareness on a global scale. This is because each and one of us are walking activators and we help others to “wake up” by the light codes we carry within our body which emanate from us.

When we integrate the light codes and light frequencies our consciousness expands and our awareness shifts from a limited ego based perspective to a heart based universal connection.
The more we feel connected the more we crave to feel it. Connection is something that is in our nature but that we have been missing for many centuries.

Because we live in a world that is designed to experience duality the masculine and feminine energies have been in seperation and distortion within us due to the many painful experiences humanity has gone through over many lifetimes.
Our soul is in perfect unison with the masculine and feminine energies where no seperation between the both even exists. Both energies exist as one and therefore there is no feminine and masculine from a souls perspective.

Yet it is important to be aware that from a physical experience we do clearly feel the masculine and feminine energies within us because of the dual nature of life on earth. They have been in disbalance and disharmony which we feel within ourselves at this time. They are wanting to come together in our physical body so that we no longer experience pain on any level.

Our soul is descending deeper into our physical body but due to the high frequency of the soul it can bring us discomfort. There is pain stored in the subconsciousness and in the cells of the body which the light frequencies touch with each download that we receive.
This can bring up old trauma’s, physical pains due to stuck energy within the body, emotional outbursts or painful memories of the past. Even negative thoughts can suddenly appear out of nowhere.

We are healing many layers at the same time and we are doing this in unison. Every person on this planet is part of the collective consciousness and holds specific light codes that act as keys to unlock the new codes and free the densities within the collective.

You are unique and you have chosen to be here to help the collective of humanity to raise the frequency. This is why you feel everything so deeply and why you are picking up on energies / emotions / thoughts that are roaming within the collective consciousness.

Remember that what you feel and what you experience that might feel as if you are carrying it alone is because you are helping to transform it for everyone that is part of the collective consciousness. You specifically chose to feel certain emotions because you knew from a souls perspective that this is something you could help to release for everyone else who is not able to. And so each one of us chose something that is in our area of expertise to clear and heal. This is how we are working together and healing with each other. We are masters in our own unique field and we chose collectively to work together while we are here on earth.

So if you feel that anger has been something that you have felt all your life it is because you are here to transform it and contribute to healing this energy for all of humanity. If you have felt loneliness, despair, sadness, frustration, disappointment, guilt, shame and many other emotions that you have felt strongly all your life it is because you are helping for this to be released for all mankind.

We came here in soul groups from different planets, galaxies and dimensions. These places are known for their strong sense of connection and oneness. We brought home with us and it is in our heart.

Life on earth is difficult, it is challenging and it is going to make you question yourself many times. But you will keep looking for a deeper connection because this is what you desire the most. This feeling will not fade, it will only become stronger and more prominent.

The incoming higher frequencies will make sure that this connection is established and that you will feel a sense of purpose on earth. You came to shift timelines, build a new world, remember the ancient ways of life and create new life.

Take a deep breath in and trust the energies that you are feeling. Stay aware of what you feeling, pay attention to your thoughts and understand all that you are going through right now is a part of the healing work of the energies of every human being on this planet and of course the animals too.

I have been personally feeling many emotions that are unpleasant and that make me want to hibernate. Wishing that it would just all pass and we could get on to the next chapter. My guides are making me aware that I am feeling the energies of others. It is “in the air” and we are all going through these feelings in one way or the other. This too shall pass and all is well.

The masculine energy is releasing a lot of pain and illusions of the past so it can merge with the feminine energy. When this happens we will feel wholesome because this is what our soul is. What is there to search for when we feel whole? Then there is no need to search for anything! We will feel at peace knowing that we are COMPLETE.

This is what is happening right now: we are moving through turbulence so we can fly through the blue sky once it’s over. This chaotic energy that is in disbalance will restore itself.

Take care of yourself: speak kindly, think loving thoughts, be gentle and soft. Let go of trying to do things perfectly and just close your eyes and lay back. Life is a journey, not a race.

You can’t go wrong because you are working together with many others. Trust your soul, trust your guidance, trust your intuition and stay in the present. All is well, all is as should be.

Sending you all a wave of the unconditional love from my soul to yours. ❤

The picture was found on Google images.

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