Take the time to rest

Hello all!

I woke up today feeling low and like there is nothing good in my life. I had a hard time getting up and seeing anything positive. This is in such contrast to how I have been feeling the past few days. I have felt such a huge shift inside of me. I felt abundance and I felt like taking action to make things happen. Which I have been doing, I try to use the energy while it’s flowing. But today I got hit hard with heaviness and it has to do with my masculine energy who is moving deeper into releasing more illusions.
So it might be that you feel strange or off today but it is because another shift is occurring and as usual before it leaves it has to be felt. I decided to channel Mary Magdalene / Mother Mary, I feel both in this painting. I was looking into her eyes and for a moment she took me away from this reality. She brought me to a place where I felt her comforting energy. Sometimes it is necessary to “escape” to a place / emotion where you simply feel good. Sometimes we need a break from it all and that is ok too.

Do you have a place / vision where you like to go to and where you feel at home? If you don’t and you would like to, then I suggest to connect to this Mary and trust her to take you where you need to be. She is so great to meditate with. She instantly makes me feel calm. I hope she can help you too.

Remember that you are never alone. When you are struggling there is always help nearby. Even if it’s just this message as a reminder of it. Love you all, you got this!

“My beloved ones,

I can hear you, I can see you, I can feel you within my heart and soul. I can understand you without needing to hear your words. Sometimes it is enough for you to sit still and feel the way you feel. I can hear your thoughts and I can sense your worry.

You can rest, my beloved one, you can simply just be in the space of my presence without feeling the pressure to be or to do more than you are able to.
I see the pressure you feel inside, the need for you to continuesly fight for your happiness and to feel good. I know that you are tired. Tired of the world and feeling the pain all around you. I can see how it is weighing you down to a point that all you want is to just find the rest that you so much deserve.
I am here for you and you can rest your head on my lap. You can close your eyes and feel the warmth of my love for you. You don’t need to fight and for now you don’t need to work on healing yourself or anyone else. For now just feel my love for you and know that I ask nothing in return. Just rest, my beloved ones. Close your eyes and sleep in the comfort of my love.

I love you all and I will always be here for you to comfort you in the time of need.

Look into my eyes to feel my love and peace. I am with you and within you, always.”

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