Slow down and feel the peace

Hello everybody!

Here is some bedtime wisdom from me. I am laying in bed in my jammies enjoying the silence as my ear is so pressured and painful from the congestion I am currently having. Purging is the way to go these days but I am hopeful that it will pass soon.

I spontaneously decided to write this and share with you:

It feels to me like each year has a certain theme. The energies are shifting fast and we are moving through many cycles: we are ending old things and we are beginning anew. This happens quite frequently and we are moving through these cycles quite fast this days. However, I believe that we go through major ones as a main theme that is for us to become aware of and work with.

Throughout most of my life I have had vivid dreams. These dreams have only become more vivid and have messages for me that come from my spirit guides or higher self and also twin flame. In the beginning of this year I had a dream where my twin flame came to me, he looked me in my eyes and he said: ‘we need to enjoy life more.’ By WE he meant me. The twin flame concept the way I have come to experience it is not a seperate one but a merged one. HE = me and I am him and together we are ME. But that’s a conversation for a different time.

He came to tell me what my main theme for this year is: enjoying life. I know you might now think: ‘well, that’s nothing new’. This is something we are all aware of. But there is a big difference in knowing you would like to enjoy life and actually really feeling it so deeply that you can feel the joy in stillness. But also feeling joy in the air that you breathe, in the clouds that you see above or feeling it through the sun that touches your skin. Feeling joyful is not an extatic feeling of being up on cloud 9. Feeling joyful is feeling at complete peace with everything that is happening within you and around you. It is the awareness of the presence of pure Source energy running through your whole body and seeing this same energy being reflected at you from the outside. It is being in full acceptance and trust that what is happening in this very moment is pure divine perfection. The ability to be truly still and present within each moment is what makes life a joyful experience. I have never been able to feel it this way before in all my 40 years on this beautiful planet. This year is the first time I have grasped the meaning of what it is to enjoy life and I am still learning how to stay in this awareness for longer periods of time. Because life will throw dirt at you, it is now a matter of awareness that the feeling of true joy is there despite what is happening on the outside and moving back into that place that is already there to feel.

Also, this is the time to choose for joyful experiences. If I do not enjoy creating art for something specific I will simply not do it. If I do not feel like answering my emails or phone calls because they stress me out I will not do it and I will choose to let go of the pressure I feel because now I know that this is something that comes from within me. I am starting to say no to things I have always felt obliged to do and I am saying yes to myself in the things that are fun for me. I have written down a list of things that I would like to do and I have made a vision board of things that I would like to see manifested. Even just seeing these things and looking at my list make me feel happy. It just resonates so deeply because all these things make my soul shine brighter each time I connect with it.

We came to ENJOY life. Life isn’t supposed to be about sacrifice or struggle. Life is meant to be good: where you experience the freedom to be yourself and live your life according to YOUR rules. People think they have to fight for their happiness, to break free from things to feel joyus. But what if life is about simply being present in the moment? What if life is about slowing down and just really BE in the moment. How about we stop hurrying to be healed and to accomplish our goals? How about we stop living in the future and stop looking at the past? What if we simply stop, sit down and admire the moment we find ourselves in?

There is such beauty in this very moment. Nobody can take that away. It is only yours to have and only yours to feel. You get to have it just the way you want it. You have a choice in how you feel every single moment of the day. So how about you take that moment and feel the perfection of it? Just sit down, breathe in and out, feel rather than think and accept it as part of your own unique creation. No moment will ever be like this moment again. Every minute is one that is constantly moving and transforming into another creation. Enjoy this change within the stillness that is being offered to you right now.
Simply just BE. Slow down, slow way down right now and let things happen FOR you not to you.

I am learning each day to trust this flow that I have discovered within myself. I have always dealt with anxiety on a daily basis. Since this new awareness I have also discovered what it is like to trust life and with this my anxiety has vanished like it was never there to begin with. This is a feeling I am still getting used to as I have always woken up each morning feeling anxious and have been triggered with it constantly throughout the day. It was part of my life like breathing is. My thoughts of feeling unprotected, alone and unsafe triggered my feelings of fear within my body. But now I am getting used to feeling at peace because the fear has been replaced with trust. Life and Source are one and the same thing. You can’t trust life if you don’t trust Source and the other way around.

I am grateful to be on this path of awareness because that is the first step to healing your wounds and releasing yourself from outdated beliefs.

I wanted to share this new and profound shift that has occurred within me recently. I know that if I am moving forward many of you are too. I want to give you hope and encourage you to continue what you are doing right now. That which you think will never happen is something that is within reach. These times are times like no one has ever seen before. Magic truly does exist. It is only not something that is going to appear from the outside. It is something that is being released from the inside and shared outward.

So if you wonder if you will ever know peace, happiness, abundance, joy, freedom or whatever it is that you feel you lack then the answer is a big, fat YES. You will not only experience it partly or just with certain moments but you will experience it ALL the time because it is what we signed up for. We came to have it all and SO IT IS.

I wrote this because I felt like sharing my process and I hope that whoever needs to read it will get to see this. I never know who it will reach but I appreciate all of you!

For those that leave comments: thank you for your feedback and support.

Who relates to the meme? With moments I am getting the hang of being human! With other moments I am alien AF.

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