Introspection and transformation

This is a higher self / Goddess aspect from a soul sister with this message for you.

“It is a time for a pause, a time for reflection and introspection. You are always in a hurry to get somewhere, to achieve a goal and trying to BE someone. This is how you were taught to live your life and the only way to feel useful for you is to be constantly moving and only trusting change when there is a visible result of it. Your ego is aimed on being satisfied by things that can be acknowledged and measured. Success is measured by how much you have achieved in life and how others value you based on a system that is there to judge you on what materialistic goals that you have accomplished.

This is why when you stand still you feel the urge to move and to silence the voice in your mind that is shouting you are not achieving your goals when you are in fact taking time to evaluate your inner growth and to just BE who you are. Before you leap into action you need to stand still and to absorb all the energies that have been coming at you. You are receiving so much information and so many waves of light into your body that you need time to process this in solitude.

When you mingle your energy too much with others you can become confused and drained because you are in the middle of an inner transformation and activation. You often underestimate the changes you are undergoing and you tend to push through and decide yourself when you are ready with releasing so you can finally move forward.
This urge is strong within all of you and it will make you feel like you are not doing enough and not being enough.

Anxiety, stress, overanalyzing, overthinking and feeling pressured are a result of this urge. This constant push for more is one that is from old belief systems and programming. Stand still for a moment and realize that you do not need to be anything right now but who you are. Take satisfaction in knowing that you are more than enough, let go of the pressure of not being in the future and stay present with your current self.

Go into your own quiet space where all is well and where you are valued and loved for who you are. Take a deep breath in and out: release all your worries for you are exactly where you need to be. Even if there is no visible movement forward.

Caterpillars do not push themselves to reach their goal, they do not hurry or blame themselves for not being the butterfly that they are supposed to be. They are perfectly happy being a caterpillar and they allow themselves to transform as nature intended them to.

Trust your nature and let the transformation occur at the speed that is necessary for you.”

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