Expansion and growth of your true self within your physical body.

A higher self painting of a lovely soul that I may share with you.
Let this divine energy come through and help you remember your own divine flame.
The painting contains light codes and activations to help with expansion of your natural born gifts. Enjoy her message!

“Beloveds, your world is one where you can find countless different energies and meet people who have unique ways of being. Because your world is so colorful not a second in life will be dull. Not one moment in your life will be the same and not one moment will ever return again.

Everything is in constant change and in movement as the universe exist of divine flow. Even if you perceive your life to be stagnant and not moving it is impossible for you to always remain in one place.
Your growth is happening daily and with the change occurring within the energetic field of Gaia you are all expanding. Expansion is inevitable and you can feel growing pains that come with it. Yet when this happens you are making immense leaps forward and your natural born talents are expanding. Your senses are become stronger and your awareness is bigger than ever before. You can trust that this expansion will continue and that you will see more of your talents come to the forefront.

Many of you are aware of your natural gifts but at this time you will receive more information from your spirit guides and your higher self in ways that are new to you. You are more in tune with the higher frequencies right now and therefore you have access to information that can help you expand your consciousness.

The mind and the heart are coming into balance and harmony. The purpose is to work together with your human senses and with your spiritual gifts. Bring them in harmony by working consciously with these gifts and help your mind to expand what your heart already knows. The more you connect your heart to the mind the more flow and less resistance you will feel in life.

Resistance comes from not understanding and seeing the bigger picture. You can tune into your knowledge by using the wisdom of your heart and let the answers that you need come to you. All you need to know is already within you and it will come to you in whichever is the best way.

Trust your senses and your gifts because you came with many and they are all being activated.
It is time to awaken to your true potential that lies within your heart.”

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