Stars will always shine bright

Hey star family! ๐ŸŒŸ

I haven’t been my usual self the past few months because I have been going through some challenging times and turned inwards not feeling like sharing my personal process or channeling and sometimes that is the best remedy.

But this morning at 6am I felt like I wanted to write this text and share with you. Maybe it will inspire you or help you to see things in a different perspective.
Almost daily I am gaining new insights and understandings about who I am and who I am not. Mostly who I have believed I was and tried to mold myself into being without accepting parts of my real self. And this is what has always felt very uncomfortable and even painful at times. Just existing is unpleasant when unconscious thoughts are in control.

Here is what I wrote for all of you:

As the incoming light frequencies are intensifying our emotions and the physical symptoms of releasing old beliefs / pains are doing the exact same thing. Every single person that has been doing the conscious work of diving deeper into self-love is now experiencing awareness on a higher ever. But becoming aware of the authenticity of the soul is not something that is easy, smooth and by no means does it mean that it is a fun thing to go through. We have all been conditioned to have limited beliefs about who we are and about the abilities we have as people. This is something that every human being has been born with. It is part of the human experience in the 3d world but we have chosen to shift our awareness to create a more rewarding and fulfilled life. This means we decided long before we were born to release these limited beliefs and to shed this old skin that we are wearing like a coat of protection. We are not only releasing things from an emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic point of view but we are also releasing it in a physical way.
The old cells that have been active all our lives are being replaced by the new cells that are activated with the incoming higher frequencies. This release can feel very physical and you might experience a purge / detox in the physical body. Sometimes even diseases come to surface so that they can be healed. People have a belief that being sick is something that is bad and very scary because we have been taught that being sick is a sign of something being wrong and perhaps can have death as a consequence. But being sick is a sign of the body that there is an urge of the body wanting to heal. The body will create symptoms for us to see so that we can embody love and compassion in the place where there still are old trauma’s. Trauma’s are beliefs of the body that are in need of unconditional love and acceptance. They are wounds waiting to be taken care of in the most gentle and loving manner. The kind of love that many of us have never received, so we also don’t know how to give it to ourselves.
But many of these trauma’s we have inherited from our parents and grandparents. The cells in our body have been carrying the codes of the past generations and they have been ‘asleep’ until today. Everything in the body that has been asleep is now waking up to be transformed by unconditional love and acceptance. To become aware and to walk in the higher vibrations we must be willing to look at every hidden and unloved part of ourselves. Sometimes this can be a scary process on multiple levels.

I have been going through a most physical purge for a few months now. It has brought up fears in me and old programming that is activated by being faced by them. One trigger after the other brought awareness to my subconscious beliefs. They were just waiting there for me to be acknowledged and accepted. Because I have pushed them away so I can continue life as it is, because this is how I was taught and believed was the way to deal with them: ignoring it all.
Most of them are things that I carry in my physical body from my bloodline. I was born with very active cells of anxiety and negative thoughts (amongst many other emotions that are a result of these specific fears) that I have only become aware of the past decade. These cells are being cleared and the only thing that is helping for them to be transformed is having love and understanding for them as they have acted as a layer of protection for my ancestors. I now lovingly choose to embrace my fears and ancestral pain so it can feel at peace because where there is peace there is no fear.

The reason why I am sharing all of this with you is to let you know that whichever struggle you are facing now it is not because you are lacking something or not doing enough. Maybe you feel like you are not fulfilling your purpose on earth? Maybe you are wondering why you are here if all you see is suffering in the world? It can be hard to be human sometimes and it is not easy to go through everything not knowing what the future will bring.

But I suggest being present with your worries, with your aches, with your thoughts and acknowledge them as part of your deep transformative experience.
Even when you don’t feel like there is a purpose for you here know that your presence in the here and now is everything that is needed. The universe is only requiring for you to be you exactly as you are right now. Even if that means you feel like crap and are not at your best. Nobody requires you to be your highest self, the only thing that you can be is the way you are right now.
Being in full acceptance of every aspect of yourself no matter how dark or unloved it is in this moment is what will bring you peace. And this will cause a chain reaction all around you. The world will know peace when we will believe that even the shittiest part of ourselves still shines as bright as any star in the universe.

I hope you can feel how loved you are and how you cannot be measured by any standard the human perception here on earth. The truth is that you shine bright no matter what happens and no matter what another believes about you.
You will always be a star far beyond this reality.

I love you all and I am sending you so much love!

PS: the image picked itself. Archangel Michael is present, always.


  1. Fabulous and fabulous! So very helpful! Thank you for your openness and honesty! Itโ€™s so healing for me to hear your words! They really have touched me deeply! Thereโ€™s such a clarity in them! It really explains what Iโ€™m going through, too! With love and blessings! ๐ŸŒผ


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