Inner child healing by Anisha Ana

Written by Anisha Ana from personal experience. Enjoy this transmission.

“Dear you

Spring is all about playing, music, dancing, joy …
With every season a certain energy is released that you can heal. Now it’s time for you to see and heal your inner child.

If your inner child is in pain or there are still traumas, if you were not allowed to be a child, were not heard, were not seen…
Do you not feel seen by your parents or by the man in your life, sometimes by friends or your children? Whoever you have agreed to heal as a soul. Mutual healing is always needed between both parties. It is now time to see your inner child, open up to see. Why do you have certain addictions: do you smoke, do drugs, do you shop and continue to buy what you do not need? Your day is full and you keep working? Do you have a sex addiction? Needing attention from your parents and your children?
You are trying to feel up a void!!
Your inner child says: “I want love.” But it has learned to fill it up from the outside.
Every time it feels bad it wants to feel love like every child. It wants validation, it wants to be seen and heard. Some have a belief that by giving too much they are going to receive love. Some never feel love but want a physical connection to still feel the warmth of a body, for example by constantly changing partners. They do not get into a relationship because then they are confronted too fiercely with their pains so they remain superficial. And the worst thing is that they don’t realize it. They do not realize how deeply the child is hurt in them.

Well dear friends I have experienced this all myself and this is written purely from my personal experience. I was not capable of dreaming or wishing for a bright future for myself because I felt that I was not worth it.

Now I give my child the attention it needs, the love it needs by opening my own heart to my inner child. She’s worth it, she’s enough. She may be there, she no longer needs to experience pain to realize that there is a fear or frustration. She doesn’t have to perform anything to receive love.
Since my childhood I saw the same dream years in a row to remind me of what was still alive in me: it is a large building where there ghosts. Deep fear of not being protected. That I was left behind. I realized at a certain moment that it was me inside. That it was my fear inside. How I felt left behind every time as a child and had to take care of others while I was a child myself.
That is why there were now many pains. Some now feel enormously exhausting. It is because it is so deep that people no longer even know why they feel tired and down.
Look inside yourself, what are you missing? What do you lack? Who are you? Do you know what you really want? Seek help, or talk about it … Heal, allow yourself to be.

I like to share with you, so that you also know that you are not alone with this.”

With love Anisha Ana đŸ’—

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